Acme Paper's Green Product Analysis

In today's "green" environment, products are manufactured from environmentally preferred products such as corn (PLA), sugarcane, bamboo and chlorine-free recyclable paper. 

Cleaning chemicals have also been developed to reduce the potentially harmful effects on the environment.

Although the most recent "green" innovations have been in food service packaging (cups, plates, cutlery, etc.), each division at Acme Paper & Supply makes a concentrated effort to provide environmentally friendly product alternatives to our clientele.
Acme Paper has invested the time and resources to provide clients with a comprehensive listing of eco-friendly alternatives. If your organization is thinking about going green, but are not sure what it would actually take to get to that point, or whether or not it would be cost effective to do so, contact us to request a complimentary Green Product Analysis (GPA).

This Green Product Analysis will give operators the necessary customized business tools to make a decision in the area of "Green." Learn about what products you're using now and the green alternative best suited for your operation.

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