Green Industrial Packaging and Supplies

Acme Paper's Industrial Packaging Division can help your business keep its commitment to sustainable business practices. 

Warehouse operations are the part of your business that is not at the forefront of the public's eye. Yet, those businesses that are committed to green will be able to complete the cycle of green business practices with Acme Paper's line of industrial packaging and warehouse supplies. 

From stretch films and wrap to corrugated packing materials, Acme Paper provides warehouse supply products that are easily recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Shop Towels vs. Disposable Wipers

According to findings released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are environmental advantages to using disposable wipers over shop towels.  Whether your need is for light or heavy duty jobs, Acme Paper carries a full line of disposable industrial wipers made from recycled materials. 

The advantages are huge for your operators, your business and for the environment.

  • Disposable wipers use less water and generate less waste than laundered shop towels.
  • Some contaminants remain in laundered shop towels exposing operators to harmful metals and toxins.
  • Some pollutants are discharged into the air during the laundering process, contributing to poor indoor air quality.
  • The more a shop towel is laundered, the more its overall strength and quality are reduced.

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