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Maryland Company Seeing Paper Straw Trend Unfold Firsthand
While an increasing number of cities around the country, including Baltimore, are banning plastic food containers, there has been a new movement forming around plastic straws.

The Last Straw: Eateries, Businesses Switch to Paper
Cities, businesses and consumers are seeking ways to cut down on waste and have shunned the plastic drinking straw. As the interest for paper drinking straws increases, Acme Paper & Supply company is at the forefront ready to meet the demand of its customers.

Acme Paper & Supply Named Allied Member of the Year
Acme Paper was named the Allied Member of the Year by the Maryland Restaurant Association at the 2018 Stars of the Industry Award Ceremony.

The Robotic Revolution Has Arrived
Acme distributes cleaning “Intellibots” manufactured by Virginia-based Taski. These machines are finding a market among hospitals, universities, government facilities and school districts that have difficulty filling cleaning jobs.

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